of Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and Allied medical sciences

Prakash Institute workshops

Prakash institute of Physiotherapy, rehabilitation and allied medical sciences has hosted many events for colleges at Noida NCR and has participated in many others. Since past few years our Physiotherapy course faculty has organized hands on workshop for both BPT course and MPT course to enhance the practical skill of our students in various advanced techniques. Some of these techniques are used in on field Sports Physiotherapy and others are a part of Dynamic physiotherapy techniques used to treat geriatric and Pediatric population.

Some of these workshops were

  • PNF technique by Dr Harpreet Singh Sachdev in 2016
    Prakash Institute PNF Workshop 2016Dr Harpreet Singh is a renowned Physiotherapist in North India working with Neurology Department AIIMS. He is a certified practitioner for PNF and NDT techniques from America. Both these techniques are used in effectively treating patients with Stroke, Spinal Cord injury, Cerebral palsy and Parkinsonism. Prakash institute organized this workshop for its students so that they develop better understanding about Physiotherapy course.


  • SPINAL MANIPULATION by Dr Sunil Bhatt in 2017

Prakash Institute spinal manipulation workshop 2017

Dr Sunil Bhatt is a certified osteopath from UK who is also heading the department of Physiotherapy in Dolphin Institute, Dehradun. This is a technique of Manual therapy involved with moving and jolting joints to relieve pressure from them and nerves. It is widely used in treating Neck, upper back and Lower back giving immediate results. The students of our Physiotherapy College as well as all the nearby colleges for Physiotherapy gave an overwhelming response to this event.


  • MFR technique by Dr Arun Mozhi in 2018
    Dr Arun Mozhi is working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Physiotherapy in SBS University. He has conducted various national and international workshops on this technique and Prakash Institute was happy to have him as one of the resource person for Myofascial Release (MFR). This technique is used very commonly in treating any musculoskeletal disorders. The students showed active participation to learn this new concept so that they can become better clinicians in future life.


  • Dry Needling by Dr Mayank Pushkar in 2019
    Prakash Institute dry needling workshop 2019Dr Mayank Pushkar, director of Eploris Healthcare is a certified Dry needling practitioner from UK. He is also known for his immense knowledge on Taping technique. Both above mentioned techniques are mostly used in on field sports physiotherapy giving immediate results. We were glad to have him in our college who conducted a four day hands on workshop dealing with most of the muscles in our body. All the students from various Physiotherapy colleges showed active participation and Dr Pushkar ensured that each participant gets enough time to practice the technique so that they are ready to face new challenges in the society.

Prakash institute for Physiotherapy Rehabilitation and Allied Health Sciences has organized all these workshops as they believe in improving this profession and keeping its students updated with the latest developments in course for physiotherapy.