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World Physiotherapy day 2020

The world looks more beautiful when we are healthy and fit. Physiotherapy is a science restoring the physical activities of life. It plays a major role in rehabilitation after any injury, disease, disorders, immobilization and surgery etc. We need to spread awareness about Physiotherapy in society because healthy population is the biggest resource for development. According to WHO ” HEALTH ” is defined as A state of complete physical,mental and social well being and is not merely an absence of infirmity. Physiotherapy helps in restoring Physical health of a person. WCPT for the same reason designated 8th September as the world Physiotherapy day so that the magic of this science is known to common man.

Since, year 2020 is a declared as a crisis year with global pandemic of COVID- 19 bringing a halt in the life of each one of us. We as Health care Professionals are supposed to be a helping hand for all. The department of Course of physiotherapy in Prakash institute continuing to spread the light of knowledge came up with a webinar cum conference. The idea was to spread the awareness about this field in which students of BPT course and MPT course got so much to learn. It was a two day event :

Event Time Lecture Time
1 Lamp lighting by Chairpersons 30 mins  Dr Sanjay Sarkar- LBP diff diagnosis 60 mins
2 Kahoot quiz 60 mins  Dr Pallavi Goswami- Rehabilitation Field 60 mins
3 Online poster making competition 60 mins  Dr Chandrasekhar-  Rheumatology and Therapy 60 mins
4 Essay writing competitiion 30 mins  Dr Mayank Pushkar- Sports Physiotherapy 60 mins
5 Online chart making competition 60 mins  Dr Jaya Prakash- Stress management 60 mins

The event commenced with a lamp lighting ceremony by the CHAIRMAN and DIRECTOR of the organization on the first day that is 8th of September. They made the students aware about the dedication and commitment to their profession required by any health care practitioner. It was then followed by short quiz organised Kahoot app in which there were 50 objective questions to be answered in half an hour. The first three submissions of the quiz were awarded. This was followed by a Poster making Event with a topic of “ROLE OF PHYSIOTHERAPIST IN COVID-19”. The best three posters were selected and awarded. An essay writing competition was held after this in which students were given a time slot of 30 mins to write on “PHYSIOTHERAPY AND SOCIETY”. The word limitation was 1000 words. Again the best three entries were selected and rewarded. The last activity for students was Online chart activity, “MOVEMENT FOR HEALTH”. So,the first day was a fun filled event which totally involved the students kept them going.

We received an enthusiastic response from many colleges for physiotherapy who registered in this event free of cost.  The second day was more of learning oriented. Most of the lectures were taken up by resource persons who are well known in this field.

  • Dr Sanjay Sarkar( PHD USA)
  • Dr Pallavi Goswami (MPT RGUHS)
  • Dr chandrasekhar ( SHEFFIED HALLAM University UK)
  • Dr Jaya prakash (  Psychologist )

online lecture- BPT course                                                  best chart- BPT Course PHYSIOTHERAPY DAY      


It was an program made successful by the efforts of dedicated faculty and staff of Prakash Institute who believe in imparting information about physiotherapy course as this Science helps every age of life including newborn, child, adult and elderly by adding years to life of an individual.