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Physiotherapy day 2019

Why and when is world physiotherapy day celebrated ?

In 1996, The world confederation of physical therapy (WCPT) designated 8 September as World physiotherapy day. This day means the unity and solidarity of the whole physiotherapy community. It is a golden opportunity to recognize the work that physiotherapists do from all over the world to raise awareness about fitness, to keeping people well, mobile and independent.

Prakash Institute Physiotherapy day celebration 2019

Physiotherapy day 2019 At our physiotherapy college the students in course for Physiotherapy have been celebrating Physiotherapy day for past three years with full enthusiasm and joy.

In our Physiotherapy day 2019 we organized a team comprising of Bachelor in Physiotherapy student, BPT course faculty, MPT Course students and MPT Course faculty.

The team organized following events

  • Free health camps in near by communities of Noida.
  • Do nukkad nataks to spread awareness about active Physiotherapy and dynamic physiotherapy.
  • Activities includes aerobic sessions, zumba sessions and yoga performances.
  • Nutrition and health talks
  • Walkathons
  • Poster and Project presentations.
  • Quiz competitions

At the end of Physiotherapy day event, Participants and winners from Physiotherapy courses were awarded medals and certificates.