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Master in Physiotherapy course duration and Syllabus

Prakash institute of physiotherapy and allied medical science (PIPRAMS), is one of the many reputed colleges for physiotherapy which offers both BPT course as well as also MPT course .

Master in Physiotherapy course duration

Masters of physiotherapy is a two year full time professional post graduate degree course. This course helps in increasing your knowledge gained in BPT both academically and clinically. It lays emphasis on teaching the most modern techniques used in physiotherapy to improve your clinical skill.

Master in Physiotherapy course syllabus

MPT Course covers all the important topics about physiotherapy course and focuses on its modern techniques and methods. A physiotherapist is provided with more extensive knowledge and trained to understand the concepts, techniques & their implementation in a better way to treat the patients in best way possible.

This course is offered in different areas of specialization as its syllabus can be found from below links

  1. MPT Course neurology syllabus  (PDF : 98 KB)
  2. MPT Course Musculoskeltal or ortho syllabus (PDF : 102 KB)
  3. MPT Course Cardiopulmonary syllabus (PDF : 100 KB)
  4. MPT Course Sports syllabus (PDF : 127 KB)

The syllabus of MPT course differs with the area of specialization for first year and for second year some core subjects are taught to every student irrespective of area of specialization.

MPT course 1st Year syllabus

  1. Introduction to Biostatistics & Research Methodology
  2. Basic probability & sampling distributions
  3. EMG & Biofeedback
  4. Medical & Surgical Management of Neurological, Orthopedics, Sports & Cardiopulmonary conditions(According to area of Specialization)
  5. Physiotherapy Management of Neurological, Orthopedics,Sports & Cardiopulmonary conditions(According to area of Specialization)
  6. Modern Techniques used in respective fields

MPT course 2nd Year syllabus

  1. Biomechanics of Tissues & Structures in Musculoskeletal Systems
  2. Management & Ethical issues which includes Hospital Management,Staffing,Decision Making, Steps of Management ,Code of Ethics etc.
  3. Pedagogy which includes approach to teaching theories & practice of learning

In masters in physiotherapy programme the candidate is expected to do a dissertation or thesis writing in their respective chosen fields under the guidance of their faculty. The synopsis approval for this thesis is done in the first year and the thesis approval is made in second year by an external examiner.

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