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MPT Course Master in Physiotherapy

The MPT Course or Master in Physiotherapy is a 2 year Postgraduate programme under Allied Health Sciences with the main aim of enhancing the quality of life of individuals at community level. Like most medical and allied health science course, this course for physiotherapy is a research-oriented programmed which directly allows for a deeper and extensive understanding of Physiotherapy and its effects on human well-beings.

In MPT course at our Physiotherapy college, a student will gain the appropriate knowledge and skills to provide the best medical solutions to one’s physical disabilities. Moreover, students will be exposed to a number of case studies and clinical practices which will allow for a critical and analytical understanding of the field and its applications.

This is one of the emerging professions in ‘Fit India’ and will offer abundant opportunity over the years. Master in Physiotherapy course follows annual system in general with a dissertation in the last year.

MPT Course master in physiotherapyIn the first year theoretical basis of physiotherapy is refreshed along with research methodology & bio-statistics. The students are rotated in all areas of clinical expertise during this period. They are required to choose their study for dissertation and submit a Course synopsis. During the second year the students will be posted in their chosen area of specialty. They are required to complete and submit their dissertation.

Master in Physiotherapy course includes seminars, journal reviews, case presentations, case discussions and classroom teaching. The university examinations are held at the end of first year and at the end of second year.

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