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In the beginning of month of march when the government forced the closure of all the schools and colleges all over India, it seemed that the education system would come to halt completely. Although, we at Prakash Institute were on the verge of completing the syllabus of Physiotherapy course, as our students appear for their […]

World Physiotherapy day 2020

The world looks more beautiful when we are healthy and fit. Physiotherapy is a science restoring the physical activities of life. It plays a major role in rehabilitation after any injury, disease, disorders, immobilization and surgery etc. We need to spread awareness about Physiotherapy in society because healthy population is the biggest resource for development. […]

Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and Sports day

AIRTEL DELHI HALF MARATHON PARTICIPATION Airtel Delhi Half Marathon is an event which is most awaited every year in the month of October-November by lakhs of enthusiastic runners all over the India. Some run for a cause, others for charity and most for their good health and well being. Prakash institute has been participating in […]

Pediatric Physiotherapy Awareness Camp

Dealing with people in our society,we come across many children who are with special needs. Needs, which if left unattended can develop into severe disabilities. This requirement made us focus on spreading awareness about Pediatric physiotherapy. In the month of January after the winter break of our students were over, our Neurology specialized faculty Dr. […]

Prakash Institute workshops

Prakash institute of Physiotherapy, rehabilitation and allied medical sciences has hosted many events for colleges at Noida NCR and has participated in many others. Since past few years our Physiotherapy course faculty has organized hands on workshop for both BPT course and MPT course to enhance the practical skill of our students in various advanced […]

Rangoli Competition at Prakash Institute

Prakash Institute believes in improving the personality skills of its students,¬† for this the college organizes extracurricular events like Teachers day, Freshers Party¬† and Farewell fuctions every year. In all these functions students come up with their inherent talents of singing, dancing, mimicry, stand up comedy etc. These events bridge the gap between seniors and […]

Physiotherapy Day 2017

This was the first year when the Physiotherapy college decided to celebrate Physiotherapy day. The dynamic faculty members took a lead in this event and gave a theme to this program ” MOVEMENT FOR HEALTH”. The event began with a lamp lighting ceremony by our Chairman sir and proceeded with health talks from famous Physiotherapists […]

Physiotherapy Day 2018

Prakash institute for physiotherapy, Rehabilitation and allied medical sciences celebrated Physiotherapy Day for year 2018 by organizing Free health check up camps in the nearby villages. In today’s era the village community is totally unaware about alternate medicine care. The government of India is also taking efforts to promote healthy living in individuals by incorporating […]

Physiotherapy day 2019

Why and when is world physiotherapy day celebrated ? In 1996, The world confederation of physical therapy (WCPT) designated 8 September as World physiotherapy day. This day means the unity and solidarity of the whole physiotherapy community. It is a golden opportunity to recognize the work that physiotherapists do from all over the world to […]