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Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and Sports day


Airtel Delhi Half Marathon is an event which is most awaited every year in the month of October-November by lakhs of enthusiastic runners all over the India. Some run for a cause, others for charity and most for their good health and well being. Prakash institute has been participating in this event for past three years by sending its students to work in the VOLINI RECOVERY ZONE. The third and fourth year students from the course for physiotherapy are selected by the organizers according to their base knowledge and aptitude test. These students are then made to work as on field therapist in the Volini zone for Runners who suffer from soreness, DORMS, cramps, pain and localized aches post their RUN.

The event begins early morning around 5 am at Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium and our students reach there by 4 am in the morning.

ADHM - BPT courseThey work till 12 noon dealing with all categories of runners like (5 km,10 km and 21km). Its an opportunity to participate in such huge events where the organizers appreciate the performance of students by awarding a certificate with some cash reward too. The students stretch the major weight bearing muscles of legs like

  • Hamstrings
  • Rectus femoris
  • Gastosoleus
  • Iliopsoas
  • Glutei group of muscles


Number of  BPT course participants every year were:

 2017 participants 2018 participants 2019 participants
 Male-4 Male- 8 Male – 15
Female- 6 Female- 15 Female- 25

Thus, the participation improved every year with more and more students from Prakash institute getting involved in this noble cause. The department appreciates the efforts of its student who are sincere enough to be available at odd timings and work tirelessly dealing with lakhs of runners. It is an effort of the college faculty and administration to make its presence felt globally.


Having an active lifestyle is very important in today’s scenario for each one of us. So true is the saying, “MOVEMENT AIDS HEALTH“. To keep up this motto Prakash institute organizes sport events regularly and on every Children’s day in which students from all its various courses participate enthusiastically. We know, that these days all of us have postural aches and pains and warm up exercises before such events help our students to remain flexible.

sports day- BPT courseThe First year students of BPT course, Nursing course and Paramedical courses are the most active in such events. They being just out from school show very active participation in each event.


Last year the students of course for Physiotherapy came up with an Inter college  cricket championship under the name Greater Noida Physio Cricket League. This event had participation of 8 teams for boys and 2 teams for girls in which various colleges in Delhi and NCR like BCIP, Galgotia, Sharda, Kailash were involved. The final cricket match was held between Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute for physiotherapy and Prakash Institute in which students from Prakash won the Tournament. GNPCL- Prakash Institute, BPT course

Such kind of events, help in interaction of students in the same field from different colleges which makes them aware of the trends happening in physiotherapy fraternity. It helps in getting linked when they actually come into practice.